Saturday, November 9, 2013

V1305 | Misses' Dress | Designer | Vogue Patterns

V1305 | Misses' Dress | Designer | Vogue Patterns

I love the design of this dress.  What I love even more is that is was not hard at all to construct.  I made this dress out of a black knit and lined it with a lightweight black lycra knit. The sizing of pattern ranges between 14-22.

Regarding the sizing, if you go by the measurements of the pattern, you are sure to make this dress a size or two too big!  I went with a size down from what the pattern actually suggested and I still had to take the dress in....if you are tall, there is no need to lengthen.  If you are shorter, you might want to adjust pattern length before cutting pattern.

I wore this dress to a black tie event and received many compliments.  Had I planned better, my hair and jewelry would have been more appealing.  However, the dress speaks for itself!!!  This is a dress that I can wear over and over  and make over and over again!

Monday, April 1, 2013

McCalls 6563

Acrylic Knit Lace Top-- Pullover Top with draped neck.  If you are a Pattern Review Member, see Review on

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another Weekend Design

I designed this for myself with the inspiration of a New look Pattern. The belt and the skirt are totally my designs. Because the cape falls off of the shoulder, I had to pass this one on to my mother. It made me look bigger than normal.

Pictures with her wearing the garment soon to come. Please see pictures on maiden form below (pictures alone just does not do this garment any justice!):

Another Weekend Project

(belted View)
(Without Belt)
(off the shoulder and arms are to come through slits on side)